Darkfever Review

Title: Darkfever

Author: Karen Marie Moning


Grade: 60/100 and 1 Gold Star

Characterization: 12/20

I really didn’t feel anything for the characters, and only gave partial credit for character growth as the POV character didn’t so much experience growth so much as trauma.

Pacing: 10/20

I almost put this down in the beginning, it was so slow. Picked up a good bit toward the end.

Internal consistency, world building and realism: 38/40

Lycanthropy is clearly viral in nature, not genetic (totally a throwaway line in the book, but it pissed me off).

Plot: 20/20

Nothing really…wrong with the plot, but nothing really special either.

General comments/thoughts:

This book nearly lost me in the beginning – it was just…terrible. But, with a little perseverance, it got better and more interesting. I think, long term, the most interesting thing about this series is probably the world the author created, but I can’t promise I found this book interesting enough to bother finding out if I’m right.


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