Stray Review

Title: Stray

Author: Rachel Vincent


Grade: 85/100 and 2 Gold Stars

Characterization: 15 points – while I like the characters well enough, I can’t say they give me the feels.

Pacing: 15 points – I was definitely walking places with my nose in this book but I wasn’t quite losing sleep over it.

World building and internal consistency: 33 points (minor spoilers) – Theron conceit of this book is that male werecats outnumber females 5 to 1 due to the male sperm being more motile. So. On the one hand, that is a good explanation but on the other it makes no evolutionary sense. At. All. I’ve never actually thrown the book across the room for this, but it’s gotten some big eye rolls. There were also a couple other factual errors for which I docked a point or two (I won’t be pedantic and go through all of them).

Plot: 22 points – it’s got a solid plot, so received full marks. Plus a two point bonus for a nicely executed twist (I won’t give details because it would just ruin the twist for you).


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