Rogue Review

Title: Rogue

Author: Rachel Vincent


Grade: 95/100 and 2 Gold Stars
Characterization: 17/20 – Vincent continues to deliver solid, well-developed characters. However, I still can’t get emotionally worked up about their plights – so only partial credit as I didn’t have ALL the feels.

Pacing: 20/20 – I admit it. I stayed up until nearly three in the morning reading last night.

World building and internal consistency: 38/40 – there was one departure from the world set up in the first book. It was pretty minor, but I did notice it.

Plot: 20/20 – again, the plot was solid, worked well, and set up the sequel. It was also very straight forward so no bonus points this round.

I enjoyed this book a lot. I don’t think these will ever be my favorite books but I think they’re a great read anyway.


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