Prey Review

Title: Prey

Author: Rachel Vincent


Grade: 98/100 and 3 Stickers

Characterization: 20 out of 20.  Ok, she finally did it.  She gave me the feels, badly.  There may have been tears.  Maybe more than a few.

Pacing: 20 out of 20.  Definitely lost sleep over this one – I couldn’t put it down.

Internal consistency and world building: 36 out of 40.  In this book, there were a couple minor points that contradicted earlier books; one was super minor and the other actually impacted the secondary plot line of the book pretty heavily.  But it didn’t bother me enough to throw the book, so there’s that.

Plot: 22 out of 20.  There was an extremely well executed twist at the end of this book.  Also, this was a really solid story – it’s very much the turning point of the series, as well.  While it never has a monster of the week feel, this is really where the main character is forced to grow up.  The first three books are good, but they’re very traditional action adventure.  This book starts to venture into something a little darker and more complicated (from an interpersonal and political point of view, not plot elements).


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