Did you ever have a TA in college who was great – explained concepts well, always listened in office hours, was willing to help you out whenever you had a question – but absolutely ruthless when it came to grading?

I was that kind of TA.  I was the kind of TA who took half a point off for every arithmetic mistake on math problem sets.  The kind of TA who would stop grading a term paper at the page limit (the assignment was 12 pages – if you wrote 15 the last three pages didn’t exist as far as I was concerned).  I generally watched violent movies while grading finals.  It just seemed appropriate.

I also love books.  I thought it would be fun to apply the ruthless grading standards I always had to books – both new to me and beloved – and share the results with the world.   Some of these books will be new releases, but a lot of them will be on the older side, and dictated by my (admittedly eclectic) interests.  I’m hoping you find something new to you to read while enjoying my reviews!


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